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Weekend A La Carte (April 9)

May God bless you as you worship and serve him this weekend.

Westminster Books has a sale on a new book by Dane Ortlund.

There are some new Kindle deals to look at today.

(Yesterday on the blog: What Kind of Men Does the Church Need?)

Laura to Jake and back again

This is a fascinating story that tells of one women’s transition and de-transition.

Painful Surprises and the Emmaus Road

This article is about those times when “something unexpected and unwelcome occurs, and you are stunned by the pain. The most painful surprises are the ones you never saw coming.”

How can I get out of my bad mood?

How do you get out of a bad mood? This article offers some direction.

One Step Deeper

“Whoever you are and wherever you are in your journey of studying the Bible, you can go one step deeper.” You can and should!

Serving from the Shadows

“We have all been conditioned by the celebrity culture in which we live to fall into the trap of believing that truly great Christian ministry should be placarded on a platform and subject to public accolade. This is one reason why so many have given their praises to celebrity pastors in America over the past fifty years. However, it is a yet more subtle evil in our hearts…”

A tale of two taxis

Here’s a reminder that there are opportunities to share the gospel if only we’ll take them.

Flashback: How Many People Go To Your Church?

I wonder, what would happen if we found better questions to ask and better ways to answer them. Instead of going to the easy question of, “How many people go to your church?” why don’t we ask things like this…