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Weekend A La Carte (April 16)

There are some more Kindle deals to browse through today, for those who are interested in such things.

(Yesterday on the blog: Approaching the Tomb with Joy)

Go to Funerals

It’s good advice, this. “Let me encourage you to something: consider attending every funeral that occurs in your church’s life. And if you are a pastor, disciple your members to attend funerals.”

The Art of Heavenly-Mindedness

“‏Earthly-mindedness is to the mind what gravity is to the body—it is an invisible, powerful, and constant force that weighs so heavily upon the individual that without a greater force acting against it, he is powerless to break free from its controlling influence. Even the stoutest Christians know this to be the case.”

Sexual Behavior Isn’t the Most Important Issue

“The most common question I’m asked during a Q&A session on sexuality goes something like this: My friend is transgender (or bisexual, gay, etc.), and I want to know what I can tell her to make her reconsider. I’m sympathetic to this question, and I understand why they are asking.” Yet…

Should Pro-Lifers Embrace Embryo Adoption?

Should those who are pro-life consider adopting embryos? John Piper takes on a tricky question here.

Woe to the Pretenders of Godliness

“Some teachers of the truth should be listened to but not imitated.” That’s an interesting thought and Doug Eaton teases it out in this article.

‘See! The Lord has given you the…’

“The title of this post is the beginning of a verse from the Bible. How do you think it continues? What word would you guess comes next? We’ll see in a minute if you’re right or not!” You don’t need to be a strict sabbatarian to benefit from reading this one (though I suppose it may help).

Flashback: It’s Time To Break Free From the Algorithm-Driven Life

To allow them to judge what we’ll find interesting and informative is to cede to them the authority to withhold from us what they determine is inappropriate or offensive. It’s time to face how much we stand to lose by living the algorithm-driven life.