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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Fashionable Starfleet Boots Are Going on Sale

Image for article titled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Fashionable Starfleet Boots Are Going on Sale

Image: John Fluevog

The most recent trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, focused more on the story, action, and characters and less on the outfits worn by Starfleet officers decades before Kirk and his crew boarded the Enterprise. But an iconic Canadian fashion designer helped contribute to the show’s new uniforms, and soon everyone will have a chance to follow Pike’s fashionable lead.

The trailers might be void of gratuitous boot shots, but check out the promotional images for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds featuring the cast and you’ll notice some fancy new footwear. The latest Starfleet-issue boots were designed by John Fluevog, whose known for his art deco-inspired footwear—but for Strange New Worlds he opted for a more futuristic design to create the Starfleet Boot which somehow manages to bridge both a retro and modern aesthetic. And starting later this week, they won’t just be exclusive to Starfleet.