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Sonys new QD-OLED TV delivers the best color performance Ive ever seen, but the upgrade from a regular OLED isnt a game changer

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  • Sony’s new A95K QD-OLED is one of the first TVs of its kind.
  • The “QD” stands for quantum dot, and this technology delivers enhanced color performance.
  • This is likely the high-end TV to beat in 2022, but its color improvements can be subtle depending on what you watch.

OLED TVs consistently deliver some of the best picture quality on the market. Compared to a QLED TV (or other LCD-based displays), OLEDs can achieve better contrast and true black levels to give home theater fans an incredible movie-watching experience. 

Sony’s OLED models, in particular, continue to impress me with their accurate images and advanced processing. That said, OLEDs do have some limitations with brightness and color. For 2022, however, Sony is introducing a brand-new flagship model, the A95K, that could overcome some of those issues. 

The A95K is one of the industry’s first QD-OLED TVs. The “QD” stands for quantum dot, which is a color technology that’s usually only found on LCD TVs. By combining quantum dot tech’s superior color capabilities with OLED’s infinite contrast, Sony hopes to bring a new level of performance to its TV lineup.

Though Sony has yet to announce an exact price and release date for the 55- and 65-inch A95K, I was able to get an early look at the TV during a recent demo the company held in New York. I’ll need to spend more time with the display to offer a full verdict, but the A95K delivers on its promise of expanded color performance, even if those improvements can be subtle.