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Pharmagest Interactive: 2021 revenue: €193.07m, up 12.41%

Villers-lès-Nancy, 4 February 2022 – 6:00 p.m. (CET)


2021 revenue: €193.07m, up 12.41%

  • +12.24% to €142.90m for the Europe Pharmacy Solutions Division, including significant contributions from acquisitions (ASCA INFORMATIQUE, PHARMAGEST SERVIZI, ATHESIA). Strong growth by the French (+12.01%) and Italian Pharmacy Business Units (+26.20%).

    • +6.85% to €27.99m for the Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division.

    • +13.48% to €18.66m for the e-Health Solutions Division.

    • +35.29% to €2.45m for the Fintech Division.

    • PROKOV EDITIONS, integrated in Q4 2021, generated sales of €1.08m (0.56% of total 2021 revenue), confirming the benefits of adding business applications for office-based private practitioners to Pharmagest Group’s offering.

    • Promising outlook for 2022 driven by funding made available under the French healthcare system reform (Ségur de la Santé) to improve interoperability and communications between all health information systems for better quality patient care.

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2021 Highlights

  • The Europe Pharmacy Solutions Division had annual revenue of €142.90m, up 12.24% from 2020. Like-for-like (excluding the acquisitions of ASCA INFORMATIQUE, PHARMAGEST SERVIZI, ATHESIA), the Division’s annual revenue grew 6.15% to €135.14m.

    • In France, annual revenue grew 12.01% to €130.77m. ASCA INFORMATIQUE’s addition contributed significantly to this performance (+€7.52m). At the same time, the development of new offers (OFFIMEDIA 2.0, OFFISECURE FIBRE, SAILFI, etc.) and the integration of the Group’s interoperability solutions (eORDO, pandaLAB Pro, etc.) are providing further business development momentum.

    • In Italy, annual revenue rose 26.20% to €9.53m. Extending coverage to the entire Italian market was completed by creating new branches driving the rollout and deployment of the Group’s European products. Furthermore, reflecting the mix and complementary nature of activities with pharmacies (independent or members of a pharmacy group) and wholesaler-distributors (whose commercial offering was completed by ATHESIA’s integration) PHARMAGEST ITALIA now covers all the technological needs of the Italian pharmaceutical market.

    • Annual revenue in Belgium decreased 13.73% to €2.60m (1.35% of total Group revenue in 2021). Through their collaboration, French and Belgian teams are continually developing new solutions tailored to the Belgian market (in particular MULTIMEDS, RECIP-E for digital prescription solutions). A scaled up sales team contributed to the rollout of the ULTIMATE offer with independent pharmacies. In addition, the strong partnership with the MULTIPHARMA Group, leader in Belgium, lays the groundwork for the resumption of activities as soon as the health crisis is over.

This Division accounted for 74.01% of Pharmagest Group’s total revenue for 2021.

This Division accounted for 14.50% of Pharmagest Group’s total revenue for 2021.

This Division accounted for 9.66% of Pharmagest Group’s total revenue for 2021.

This Division accounted for 1.27% of Pharmagest Group’s total revenue for 2021.

2022 Outlook

After demonstrating in 2020 the strength of its business model and financial solidity, Pharmagest Group confirms the relevance and effectiveness of its growth strategy for 2021 (through both organic growth and acquisitions) and on that basis, is expecting excellent FY 2021 results.

For 2022, Group is looking ahead to the new year with confidence.

  • Amounts earmarked for French healthcare system reform (Ségur de la Santé) will benefit all players in the healthcare system: hospitals, primary care general practitioners, pharmacies, health and social care services and nursing homes.

Funding made available under this government programme, spearheaded by the French Minister of Solidarity and Health, will accelerate the deployment of software solutions originating the Pharmagest Group’s ecosystem.

Furthermore, these French healthcare reforms confirm the validity of Pharmagest Group’s ambitions and visionary strategy. For more than five years, it has thus been building a Digital Health Gateway service offering designed to improve interoperability and communications between all healthcare professionals and institutions.

  • In 2022, the Group will focus efforts on Cyber Security both to ensure the protection of all data collected and shared through its software solutions, and to help its customers protect themselves and be better prepared for operating in this new ecosystem. The Group accordingly plans to strengthen its innovation strategy in this area in the coming months.

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With more than 1,200 employees acting as “Citizens in the Service of Health and Well-Being”, Pharmagest Group is the leading provider of IT solutions for the healthcare sector in Europe through innovative solutions and services for healthcare professionals guaranteeing the efficiency of the healthcare system and improving the patient care pathway.

As a key contributor to the quality of healthcare and coordination between office-based private practice and hospitals, Pharmagest Group is present in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom where it is developing the leading healthcare platform and a single ecosystem for France and Europe bringing the best of technology to the service of people.

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