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Is TGCW22 for You?

Have you ever had one of those I’m not supposed to be here moments? Maybe somebody invited you to a party but seemed surprised and uncomfortable when you actually showed up. Maybe it was halfway through chemistry class on the first day of school when you realized you were in the wrong room. The last thing we want to do is repeat those awkward experiences, so it can be natural to avoid potentially uncomfortable situations by staying home.

In just two months, thousands of women will gather around the Word of God at TGCW22, The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference. In-person and virtual attendees will have access to seven keynote sessions on the theme “Remember Your Joy: Seven Salvation Stories in the Old Testament” as well as three pre-conference talks and 50 breakout sessions. We at TGC would love for you to join us! But perhaps you’re wondering, Is TGCW22 really for me? The short answer is yes—if you’re a woman with a desire to learn more about God through his Word in fellowship with others, TGCW22 is for you! April 25th is the last day to register at the current rates, so if you’re on the fence about attending, find your situation(s) below to help you decide.

I’m a Ministry Leader

Whether you serve in an official role in your local church, volunteer in the nursery, or teach God’s Word in a variety of contexts, TGCW22 has an abundance of content to help equip and encourage you in your ministry. The keynote sessions will expand your understanding of God’s saving work in the Old Testament, and we have several breakout sessions designed with you in mind. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other ministry leaders who can encourage you along the way.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Women’s Ministry in the Local Church – Courtney Doctor, Amy Gannett, Karen Hodge, Vanessa Hawkins
  • Teaching Children with Gospel Focus and Educational Excellence – Jared Kennedy
  • Leading a Small Group Bible Study – Winfree Brisley, Soojin Park, Shar Walker, Ann Westrate
  • Putting Personality and Passion Into Your Teaching – Nancy Guthrie

I’m Single

As a single woman, God has uniquely positioned you to serve using your gifts as you grow in him. We get it, you’d rather not show up to a conference only to discover it’s all about marriage and motherhood. Fear not! The majority of our sessions are meant for singles and married alike, and they are all meant to equip you and point you to Jesus.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Unity in the Midst of Diversity: A Conversation – Missie Branch, Portia Collins, Jen Oshman, Jenny Yang
  • Women and Friendship: Truth-Filled Encouragement – Lindsey Carlson, Portia Collins, Emily Jensen, Jen Oshman
  • Embrace Your Life: Finding Joy in a Season of Longing – Elizabeth Woodson

I’m Married

Marriage brings its own set of joys and challenges, and TGCW22 will provide many places to grow not only in your individual relationship with the Lord, but also in your marriage. Consider joining a marriage-specific breakout for the chance to connect with other wives and hear from those who have walked through a variety of marital circumstances.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Marriage: Principles for Building Loving Homes – Collin Hansen, Melissa Kruger, Michael Kruger, Preston Perry, Jackie Hill Perry
  • Sex (It’s OK to Talk About It) – Courtney Doctor, Rachel Gilson, Rebecca McLaughlin, Kori Porter
  • Motherhood & Marriage: Balancing your Priorities – Caroline Cobb, Trillia Newbell, Ruth Chou Simons, Susan Yates

I’m a Mom

As a mom, it can be a real challenge to get away for a few days, especially if travel is required. We understand the sacrifice involved, but the stories we’ve heard of how women have come away refreshed, encouraged, connected, and more in love with Jesus make it so worth it. We’ve put together a variety of breakout sessions that will specifically equip you to serve and disciple your kids of all ages through many challenges, whether you are married or parenting on your own.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Risen Motherhood Live – Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler
  • Mothering On Your Own – Wendy Alsup, Anna Meade Harris, Vaneetha Rendall Risner
  • Phones, Folly, and Fruit: Training Our Kids to Tame Technology Usage – Missie Branch, Lindsey Carlson, Christine Gordon, Anna Meade Harris

I Have a Newborn Baby

We know those early months are exhausting, and maybe you’re hoping for some refreshment. If you’re concerned about bringing your baby along or finding a private place to nurse or pump, we want to invite you to come! You will see plenty of babywearing and stroller pushing, and we have designated nursing rooms if you prefer to nurse or pump in private. Feel free to come alone or with your infant in tow! Babies are more than welcome.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • When You Don’t Have Quiet or Time: Meeting with God in a Busy World – Hunter Beless, Amy DiMarcangelo, Betsy Childs Howard, Irene Sun
  • Living Within the Gift of Limits – Christine Gordon
  • An Open Book: Why What We Read to Our Children Matters – Quina Aragon, Betsy Childs Howard, Trillia Newbell, Irene Sun

I’m a Student

Maybe you’re wondering if you would be out of place at TGCW22, but we say absolutely not! Now is an excellent time to learn more about God’s Word and to apply it to the challenges of life, to grow in your knowledge and love of God, and to connect with other believers who want to pursue the Lord faithfully. We’re also offering a discounted registration price of $139 for any students with 9+ credits in spring 2022. Plus, the conference is over summer break, so hopefully you can step away from classes and enjoy this time of fellowship and growth with other believers as you prepare for whatever the fall brings.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Idols that Overpromise and Underdeliver: Outward Beauty, Hook-up Culture, and Success – Jen Oshman
  • Journeywomen Live: Honoring God with Your Bank Account – Hunter Beless, Jen Wilkin, and Elizabeth Woodson
  • The Secular Creed – Rebecca McLaughlin
  • The Impact of Literature on Spiritual Formation – Karen Swallow Prior

I’m a New Believer

If you’re new to faith in Christ or new to studying the Bible, trying to figure out what life as a follower of Jesus looks like can be exciting and overwhelming. TGCW22 provides an opportunity to hear teaching centered on the Bible. The keynote sessions will help you understand and rejoice in your own salvation even more, and the breakout sessions cover a variety of topics you may have questions about.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Shame: No Condemnation – Wendy Alsup, Lindsey Carlson, Jasmine Holmes, Courtney Reissig
  • How to Build Healthy Social Media Habits – Amy Gannett, Blair Linne, Karen Swallow Prior, Laura Wifler, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra
  • Getting Rid of Our Fear of the Book of Revelation – Nancy Guthrie
  • Holier Than Thou – Jackie Hill Perry

I Work Outside the Home

Wondering if TGCW22 is worth those vacation days? Good news! The conference starts on a Thursday evening, so you may only have to take one or two days to join us. We want to give you a chance to step away from your schedule for a few days to gather with thousands of women around the Word of God—many of whom are also wrestling with how to glorify God in the workplace. We want to equip you to serve wherever God has you and help you grow in your love and knowledge of him.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Women’s Work: How to Work (and Rest) With All Your Heart – Jeany Jun, Joanna Kimbrel, Elissa Weichbrodt, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra
  • Creativity, Art, and Our Christian Witness – Caroline Cobb, Mazaré, Ruth Chou Simons, Elissa Weichbrodt, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra
  • Writing: A Conversation with Editors – Winfree Brisley, Lydia Brownback, Megan Hill

I’m Retired or an Empty Nester

This season of your life, like every season, is a time to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that’s our prayer for TGCW22. This life stage also provides opportunities to serve in capacities that may not have been available to you in the past. Consider inviting someone you want to disciple or mentor to come with you so you can learn and grow together.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Aging with Grace – Karen Hodge, Susan Hunt, Susan Yates
  • Discipleship in Every Season – Amy Gannett, Susan Hunt, Soojin Park, Shar Walker
  • Praying Through the Noise – Megan Hill

I’m in a Difficult Season

Are you grieving? Have you experienced deep suffering? Does fear weigh heavy on your heart? Perhaps you’re burdened with shame over your own sin or wounded by someone’s sin against you. We invite you to come and hear the hope of God’s Word for this broken world. We pray you’ll be refreshed and encouraged, and that you’ll remember the joy of your salvation.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • When Strivings Cease – Ruth Chou Simons
  • Suffering, Forgiveness, and the God Who Sees – Wendy Alsup
  • Trusting God in a Fearful and Anxious World – Trillia Newbell & Courtney Reissig
  • The Art of Perseverance: Suffering with Christ and Each Other – Quina Aragon, K. A. Ellis, Vaneetha Rendall Risner, Kristen Wetherell
  • Navigating Divorce: Advice on Faithfully Walking Through the Unthinkable – Vaneetha Rendall Risner

I Don’t Know Anyone Else Going

Are you hesitant to go alone? You’re not the only one! If none of your friends or family can join you, there are lots of opportunities to connect with other women. We recommend attending smaller breakout sessions where you can talk with ladies at your table, and then make plans to sit together at the next keynote or grab lunch. Another great way to connect with other women is by becoming a volunteer. Volunteers can still attend most of the sessions, and we’ll cover your registration. And remember, there may be a lot of new faces, but you have the most important thing in common with thousands of women in attendance—Jesus Christ. That makes us all family.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • People Pleasing: How to Say No – Amy DiMarcangelo, Jeany Jun, Mazaré, Kristen Wetherell
  • Whose Justice? – Vanessa Hawkins
  • Finding My Father: How to Cling to Your Heavenly Father When Your Biological Father is Spiritually, Emotionally, or Physically Absent – Blair Linne

Mi Primera Lengua Es el Español/My First Language Is Spanish

Si tu lengua materna es el español, hemos creado una opción de sesiones paralelas especialmente para ti. Además, podrás tener acceso a la traducción simultánea de las 7 sesiones principales, así como de las sesiones que tendremos en el salón principal. Solo tienes que solicitar los auriculares en el mostrador de información. Puedes inscribirte para asistir en persona o virtualmente.

If Spanish is your first language, we’ve created a special track of breakout sessions specifically for you. In addition, you will have access to live translation of all seven keynote sessions, plus any breakout sessions on the main stage. Just pick up your headset at the info desk. You can register to attend in person or virtually.

  • Encontrando gozo en lo cotidiano/Finding Joy in the Every Day of Life – Wendy Bello
  • Encontrando gozo en el desierto espiritual/Finding Joy in the Spiritual Desert – Patricia Namnúm
  • Encontrando gozo cuando la vida duele/Finding Joy When Life is Hard -Chárbela El Hage de Salcedo

I’m Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Our ASL interpreters will be in all of our keynote sessions, as well as the breakout sessions on the main stage. When you register, select the option to indicate you would like an ASL interpreter—we’ll have a section reserved for you near the stage, so register for some of the breakout sessions below.

Check out these breakout sessions:

  • Fighting Good Fights – Jen Wilkin
  • Marriage: Principles for Building Loving Homes – Collin Hansen, Melissa Kruger, Michael Kruger, Preston Perry, Jackie Hill Perry
  • Women and Friendship: Truth-Filled Encouragement – Lindsey Carlson, Portia Collins, Emily Jensen, Jen Oshman
  • The Secular Creed – Rebecca McLaughlin
  • Holier Than Thou – Jackie Hill Perry

Interested in learning more? Read more about this year’s theme, logistical details about registration and travel, and how to best prepare for this year’s conference. You can also find out how to make the most of TGCW22 if you decide to join us. Interested in attending for free? Sign up to be a volunteer—we’ll take care of the registration fee!

We look forward to seeing you in June, whether in Indianapolis or virtually through our simulcast registration option, as we learn to remember our joy together.