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How Do You Say ‘Kardashian’ in Italian?

Still, when your sister is a fashion mogul and the head of what some Italian media have called its “royal family,” coming in second isn’t the worst thing. While “my surname, until 10 years ago, was just a surname,” Valentina said, it has provided an advantage in a crowded market. Valentina Ferragni Studio said its 2021 revenue was about five million euros.

It’s a market Chiara decided to enter as well, last fall, one year after Valentina introduced her jewelry brand.

“They’re not competitive,” Chiara said. The elder sister’s jewelry is more blingy costume jewelry, all crystals and chains and little heart accents.

Fabio Maria Damato, the general manager of Chiara Ferragni Collection and the Blonde Salad, acknowledged that at first, “the business people were worried.” But it became clear that the sisters were taking different approaches and were running two different companies. (After all, don’t Kim and Kylie both sell makeup?)

Mr. Damato began working with Chiara about five years ago. A former fashion journalist, he appeared in both “The Ferragnez” and Chiara’s 2019 documentary “Chiara Ferragni: Unposted,” as her right hand, helping her both into outfits and out of complicated business situations, such as gaining financial control of the Blonde Salad, which Chiara had founded with an ex-boyfriend.

Even now, as the company actively seeks outside investment, Chiara has no plans to cede control of the company that bears her name. She has, however, in light of the death of the “blogger,” and the fact that people “don’t really go to websites anymore,” ceded the Blonde Salad’s website. The blog has largely stopped posting new content in favor of publishing to Instagram.