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GTA Onlines upcoming monthly subscription gives perks to frequent players

Now that GTA Online is available on the latest consoles, Rockstar wants to spice up the service for its most dedicated players. The developer is launching a $6 per month GTA+ subscription that provides regular perks for GTAO players on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. You’ll get $500,000 in virtual cash each month, unlocks for past game updates, vehicle upgrades and other bonuses. You can also buy improved Shark Cards with real money to get more bonus in-game cash. 

In the first month, you’ll receive a supercar with an early-access upgrade, three wardrobe items, waived LS Car Meet Membership fees and multiplied bonuses for two race series, among other extras. You’ll need to claim benefits before they expire.

Rockstar said events will carry on “as normal” for all players, so you won’t find yourself locked out of key content if you’d rather play for free. Whether or not GTA+ is a good thing isn’t clear, though. While it may represent a better value than spending real money every time you want a boost for in-game currency, it might also leave you at a disadvantage if you can’t justify the monthly fee or a hardware upgrade.

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