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A La Carte (March 24)

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(Yesterday on the blog: A Christian Father’s Last Will and Testament)

What Book of the Bible Should a New Believer Read First?

I was asked this question just the other day. “Great question. There are so many to choose from! I’m going to suggest two options. Before I make my case, I want to give you some general encouragement. Then, I will explain why I think you may want to begin your Bible reading adventure either in Genesis or John.”

Despairing Over the Culture? There’s Still a Reason to Get Out of Bed Tomorrow

Carl Trueman answers some pressing questions. “One of the questions that Christians ask repeatedly at the moment is whether there is any hope or should we simply despair? Is the world so intent on dismantling what it means to be a human being that society is doomed to collapse, or at least committed to shunting Christians and Christianity to its far margins?”

Excellent Parenting is Remarkably Ordinary

Brad Hambrick: “In this article, I want to offer you three ‘ordinary’ encouragements that will allow you to be an excellent parent.”

If Putin Deploys a Tactical Nuke, How Should the U.S. Respond?

Bruce Ashford offers a very interesting answer to how the US could or should respond if the war in Ukraine goes nuclear. (Speaking of Ukraine, this site offers very urgent and helpful updates from a Ukrainian pastor.)

Why Christians Resist Transgender Speech-Codes

Denny Burk: “I write this post to explain briefly why Christians are resisting the totalitarian speech codes of transgender propagandists.” (And, on that topic, this is another one from Denny, Do you know what a woman is? Ketanji Brown Jackson Doesn’t.)

3 Philosophies of Sermon Application

“I want to give you three philosophies of sermon application that I have seen and heard from different faithful preachers.” This is a helpful breakdown.

Flashback: Why Do We Add To Our Trouble?

We are so often drawn to bad news more than good, to evidences of depravity more than evidences of grace. Why then should we be surprised that our feet grow heavy, that our pace begins to falter?

Western theology tends to ask why God allows suffering more than how he uses it. —Elliot Clark