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A La Carte (January 7)

May the Lord be with you and extend his richest blessings to you today.

The Strange Fate of Hamilton and Harry Potter

Carl Trueman: “Years ago, when teaching at seminary, I used to tell the students that moral relevance in the modern world was a cruel and fickle mistress. However much Christians accommodated themselves to her demands, sooner or later she would want more. Christian morality and the morality of the world simply could not be reconciled in the long term. Apparently, this no longer applies simply to Christians and other moral traditionalists. It also applies to the artistic class.”

That One Common Ache

“What beauty might erupt, if this year we chose instead to press into our own narrative, divinely written by God our Maker? Palms held loosely open, (Your will, God, not mine) humbly and graciously accepting his path, trusting him implicitly by way of adoration and bowed obedience?” Kristin asks you to consider it.

3 Reasons to Use Better Bible Study Resources than Strong’s

This article explains how and why James Strong’s 1890 Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible is too often misunderstood and, therefore, misused.

Faith of our Fathers (and Mothers)

Chris Hutchison helpfully “reminds us that our faith in Jesus is not a brand-new thing but is rather a continuation of what God had been doing with Israel for centuries.”

Nature Can Teach

If you’re not familiar with the term “natural law,” this article by Steven Wedgeworth will get you all caught up.

Should Christian Parents Use Prenatal Genetic Testing?

Joe Carter looks at some new analysis about prenatal genetic testing and considers whether Christians should use it.

Flashback: A Master at His Craft

The writer begins with an idea, information he means to convey to others, and he labors to shape the raw material of words into a finished work that expresses that information with nuance, with freshness, with force. The degree to which he succeeds is the degree to which he is satisfied with the result.

No matter how ordinary your elders appear, they are, in reality, Christ’s perfectly chosen gift to you. When you receive the ministry of your elders, you receive the ministry of Christ himself. —Megan Hill