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A La Carte (February 28)

As yet another month draws to its close, perhaps it is an ideal time for us to remind ourselves that right now, at this very moment, God is reigning from his throne.

(Yesterday on the blog: Cheer Up, Men and Women of Unappreciated Services)

The widow’s might

Kim Henderson’s column in the new issue of WORLD magazine is both sad and sweet.


And in a different way, Kristin’s latest blog post is also sad and sweet. “I pull the China plates from the hutch, setting the table pretty. Our girl is turning eighteen and everyone is coming home to celebrate.”

The Only Way is Ordinary

“I’m suspicious that one reason older generations of Christians tended to be skeptical toward ambition—even calling it a sin on occasion—is that they were able to see something more clearly than we moderns can.” That’s an interesting opening for an article…

Birds of the Sun (Video)

“Every year, the Arctic tern—a bird weighing less than five ounces–completes one of the greatest journeys in the animal kingdom. In their constant search for daylight, moderate temperatures and small fish on which to feed, the terns literally follow the sun from the North Pole to Antarctica, and back again. Their migrations can extend more than 50,000 miles, and the biological systems that make this odyssey possible offer spectacular displays of intelligent design and purpose in the living world.”

Greek Word Order and Nuance

“There is meaning in Greek word order, but it is normally so nuanced that it can’t come out in translation.” It’s good for us to be reminded from time to time just how much goes into a good translation of the Bible.

What Did Jesus Teach about Prayer?

This article summarizes what Jesus taught about prayer.

Flashback: Little Words That Make All the Difference

“Now this is me, not the Bible.” You are making it clear that you’ve gone from an area of absolute biblical clarity to an area of wisdom and conscience. You are ensuring that both you and he acknowledge the difference.

God’s memory is mighty enough to hold all the events of the ages, but there is one thing that is sure to slip his memory, one thing he is sure to forget, and that is pardoned transgression. —De Witt Talmage