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A La Carte (April 8)

The Lord be with you and bless you today.

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In Defense of the Gender Binary

“The plausibility structure of the gender binary is losing its grip on contemporary consciousness. And, it’s not just in contemporary culture writ large, but we are seeing and experiencing shifts in the Church.”

A Time to Hustle & A Time to Stroll

“Maybe it was the pandemic slow down, or just people getting fed up with it, but the last couple of years have seen a backlash against what has been termed ‘hustle culture.’”

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Zombie Sins

Chris Thomas: “Here’s what I am learning. Paul asks me to slay sin, a theme that John Owen would later riff off as he famously quipped, ‘Be killing sin or sin will be killing you,’ and I thought I was. But I was wrong. Burying sin is not the same as killing it.”

Spiritual Resilience

“Your life’s adversities serve a purpose. We may want our spiritual life to be as leisurely as a man lying on a couch, watching TV while eating comfort food, but a body that does too much of that will rot and never win the race. Do not run from every difficulty that comes your way today. Trust in Jesus, move forward, and see what God can do.”

Quick Guide to Christian Denominations

Trevin Wax has put together a not-so-quick guide to Christian denominations.

Worthy of Worship

Nick Batzig has a good one here. “To whom do we owe all of our admiration, affection, and allegiance? Who is worthy of our worship? The answer is straightforward. God, and God alone, is worthy of our worship. But, what about God incarnate, Jesus Christ? Can we worship the Man, Christ Jesus?”

Flashback: Shades of Love

I have been thinking about all the different kinds of love I have been able to experience, I have been considering how each one is unique, and I have been pondering how together these loves point me to one that must envelop and transcend them all.

The goal of missions isn’t quick gains but lasting results. —Elliot Clark