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A La Carte (April 6)

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We Live in Confusing Times

Kevin DeYoung leads an intellectual exercise meant to prove that we live in confusing times, especially as it pertains to matters of gender and sexuality.

Weak for Those We Love

Chris Martin shares a sweet reflection on fatherhood.

Struggling on Your Behalf in Prayers

“It may be one of the most overlooked ministries we can perform for others: to struggle on their behalf in our prayers.” Darryl Dash explains.

Get the Best Deal on Al Mohler’s Grace & Truth Study Bible

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Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?

“Why did Jesus speak in parables?” The answer is quite interesting.

What Convinced James His Brother Was God?

“My brother isn’t God. It’s pretty obvious (we grew up together, after all), and nothing he could do or say could convince me of his divinity. I’m not God, either, and nothing I could do or say would convince him otherwise, too. Yet somehow, Jesus convinced his brother he was God. And James was so confident, he was willing to die for his belief. How did Jesus do it? What convinced his own brother to acknowledge Jesus was God and worship him?”

When “I” Becomes “We”

“I’ve always been independent. Maybe it’s because I’m the firstborn of three children, or maybe it’s my personality, but doing things on my own is my default.” Allyson Todd considers the end of a good measure of such independence through her impending marriage.

Flashback: Rule #4: Watch for Temptation (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness)

One of the means God uses to conform us to the image of Jesus Christ is temptation. Though we must never seek or desire it, still we have the confidence that God redeems the crucible of temptation to refine his people, to remove their sin, and to instill his righteousness within them.

A religion that is of no use to you while you live, will be of no use to you when you die. —De Witt Talmage