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A La Carte (April 13)

The Lord bless you and keep you today.

There are a couple of Kindle deals today.

Potentially of greater interest are this week’s deals at Westminster Books, which include a new book by James Hamilton.

More Programs Train Complementarian Women to Teach Bible

This is an interesting and positive development. “Preparing a message of biblical exposition isn’t a task confined to one gender, even for complementarians. So more programs are training women to teach with their own versions of the preaching classes that have long been reserved for men.”

3 Ways Social Media Affects Pastors

“What are you doing with social media? And what is social media doing to you? As I have written about social media and its often-ignored effects on Christians and the greater culture, I have heard from many pastors and church leaders not only about how social media impacts their congregations, but also about how it impacts them and their ability to lead.”

More than Doing: Categories for Applying God’s Word

We all know we are supposed to do something when we read the Bible, but it’s not always obvious what that is. “How do we do Bible texts like those found in the book of Judges? How do we do narratives, historical accounts, chronologies, prophetic literature, or Old Testament laws written for the people of Israel? How do we apply God’s Word when there’s nothing in the passage for us to do?”

An Open Letter to Death

I appreciated Cindy Matson’s open letter to Death which begins this way: “I’m writing to you today with a simple message: Stop boasting. I realize that you have some reason for pride. You have had your way with nearly every human to ever live. (Do Enoch and Elijah keep you up at night?)”

Ukrainian Seminary Professor’s Plea—Please Don’t Tire of Praying

You will benefit from reading this article about a Ukrainian seminary professor. And you will serve the church in Ukraine well by heeding his call to prayer.

Resting in What Jesus Has Done

This is geared specifically to youth workers, but can apply to any of us. “Resting in what Jesus has done is both a posture and an identity. Our posture is our hands held in surrender to Christ and our identity is in Christ alone. Here are three important reminders that have helped me embrace this posture and discover my identity as a youth leader.”

Flashback: Rule #6: Redeem Your Time (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness)

Godliness requires training, and training takes time. So in an age in which we always carry convenient distractions in our pockets, our growth in godliness will require us to reject the trivial and redeem every minute.

Those are the strongest Christians that are the mightiest in prayer. —Nathaniel Vincent