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38 Franchise TV Shows, Films, and Sequels Coming in 2022, Because We Keep Watching Them

Image for article titled 38 Franchise Films, TV Shows, and Sequels Coming in 2022, Because We Keep Watching Them

Remember that thing you like? From before? Well, it’s back.


Franchise filmmaking is something to bemoan, if you are a snooty critic, or to celebrate, if you are a part of fandom. I’d wager most of us are somewhere in-between: Tried of all these sequels and shit, ooh except Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming out when? Sweet.

Certainly next year is giving you plenty to be aggrieved and/or excited about—across TV, streaming, and theaters, where are a whole bunch of franchise sequels coming in 2022. Let this post be your guide to a year’s worth of viewing, or a horrifying reminder that nothing will ever be new again. Your choice! (Such is my programming that I’ll probably see at least half of these, so no judgements either way.)

Most of these movies have firm dates attached, but I’m making only vaguely educated guesses on some others, dropping them in when it seems most likely they’ll debut.