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19 of the Best Scary TV Shows to Watch Between Now and Halloween

There are good reasons for my love of TV anthology horror: If one story or episode isn’t great, there’s always the next one; plus, at under an hour, you’re not committing a huge amount of time. This new Creepshow, though, is something surprising: It’s consistently good. Sometimes gross, sometimes funny, each episode has two stories that are very much in the style of the movies for which the show is named (or Tales from the Darkside—that kinda vibe). Producer/director/special effects guy Greg Nicotero, best known these days for his work on The Walking Dead, is running the series. He got his start on Creepshow 2 from way back in the day, so there’s a real appreciation for old-school practical effects here, as well. The show is a Shudder original, so that’s where you’ll find the newest episodes (the third season is coming this month), but earlier seasons are available elsewhere.

Where to stream: Shudder, Prime Video, AMC+