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18 of the Best Ways to Customize Your Gmail Inbox

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Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Email signatures are a classic piece of the old internet. While modern signatures are professional and to the point, some still sport colorful, loud text, with inspirational quotes galore. If you can’t decide how you want to end your emails, Gmail lets you create multiple email signatures so you can choose in the moment.

To set up new signatures, go to See all settings > General, then scroll down to Signatures. Choose “Create new,” choose a name for your signature, then hit “Create.” Now, you can use the text editor to build your perfect signature for the situation. To add more, just repeat the process. You can also choose a default signature for new emails, as well as whether to use a signature for replies.

When finished, choose “Save Changes” to lock it all in. Now, when writing new emails, you can quickly access your signatures from the Pen icon.