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10 Clever Gift Ideas for the Person on Your List Who Has Everything

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On the one hand, giving a gift is a gesture of affection; on the other hand, gifts are sometimes stressful social obligations. Shopping for the right gift for everyone on your list is hard enough when the people on that list are easily pleased—you can buy alcohol, food, or gadgets for most folks and they’re over the moon, but you still have to put effort into matching each recipient with the right alcohol, food, or gadget.

And then there are the people in your life who are impossible to shop for. You know who they are. You’re thinking of them right now, fists clenched in rage. These are the people who seem to have everything and want for nothing. They already have the alcohol, food, and gadgets. Or they don’t actually want that stuff. You can always give up and just hand out gift cards, but gift cards scream, “I did not want to do the work” or possibly, “I forgot I was even supposed to give you a gift.”

Instead, think outside the box. Even the folks who have everything don’t actually have everything. And capitalism is working overtime to figure out new ways to convince you to dump all your money back into the market, and so the greatest minds of our generation are always busy coming up with new gifts no one has ever thought of before. Here are some clever gift ideas for those annoying people in your life who seem to have everything.